Milled Products for the Ceramic and Refractory Industry

Zircon (Zirconium Silicate) is a naturally occurring mineral which is extracted from alluvial sands and purified by physical and chemical means prior to being processed. Its chemical composition is ZrSi04. Minchem HMP Ltd source our raw materials from specially selected mines to ensure all raw materials purchased are sustainable, consistent and to a set specification. We pride ourselves on our long established consistency of supply to our customers, irrespective of their geographical location.  Combined with our ability to custom grind we also offer many clients special in-house facilities to help them improve their product realisation. Our technical team are always on hand to discuss customer queries and to offer personalised technical expertise. The processes used by Minchem HMP Ltd are of sufficient flexibility to be capable of manufacturing short or long runs of customer’s own specific requirements.

Our milled ZircozonTM range of products have been developed for the Ceramic, Refractory and Foundry industries for use in Glazes, Frits, Glass and Investment Casting.

Our Zircozon Granular is a closely controlled fine sand grade of the mineral zircon. Depending on the grade it can be either white or buff in colour and is very dense.

Typical Chemical Properties of Zircon

Zirconia + Hafnia Zr02 + Hf02 66%
Silica Si02 32.5%
Titania Ti02 0.15%
Iron Fe203 0.08%

Typical Physical Properties of Zircon

Specific Gravity 4.6
Refractoriness 2200°C
Particle Size 75 to 250 microns – processed in a range of sizes down to 1 micron
Colour Cream-brown granules – processed in a ceramic mill to a white powder
Refractive Index 1.94 – 2.00
Hardness 7 Moh’s index
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