Micronised Powders for the Ceramics Industry

Zircon (Zirconium Silicate) is a naturally occurring mineral which is extracted from alluvial sands and purified by physical and chemical means prior to being processed for ceramic, refractory and other applications. Its chemical composition is ZrSi04, it is a single substance and none of its silica exists as a separate mineral. Due to it being a natural product there are trace elements present in the crystal lattice.

Our ZircozonTM range of products are finely micronised zirconium silicates each with specifically controlled particle size and chemical composition, developed for the Ceramics industry for use as high performance Opacifiers in glazes, (Tile/Sanitaryware).

Brand Particle Size Microns Specific Surface Area cm2/G Ceramic Glaze Opacity Colour Comparison Test L-value: 10% addition Data sheet Download
Zircozon One D50 1.2µ 40,000 92.5
Zircozon Five D50 1.5µ 35,000 90.5
Zircozon Ten D50 2.5µ 27,000 88.5
Zircozon Fifteen D50 3µ 25,000 87.5
Zircozon 400DM D50 3.5µ 20,000
Zircozon 600DM D50 3.5µ 20,000
Zircozon 325WG D50 4µ 15,000
Zircozon D D50 4.6µ 4,000
Zircozon DM D50 3.5µ 18,000

We have also introduced, for specific customers, Zircozon 5 Slop (Slurry).  It is a pure water based suspension suitable for transportation by road tanker, reducing waste and aiding ceramic glaze applications.  Minchem HMP Ltd operate our own road tanker for this purpose.

Typical Chemical Properties of Zircon

Zirconia + Hafnia Zr02 + Hf02 66%
Silica Si02 32.5%
Titania Ti02 0.15%
Iron Fe203 0.08%

Typical Physical Properties of Zircon

Specific Gravity 4.6
Refractoriness 2200°C
Particle Size 75 to 250 microns – processed in a range of sizes down to 1 micron
Colour Cream-brown granules – processed in a ceramic mill to a white powder
Refractive Index 1.94 – 2.00
Hardness 7 Moh’s index


Ceramic Colour and Glaze Opacification and Special Ceramic compositions, Filler Extender for plastics/rubbers, with particle size as the primary selection criteria.


All dry powders are packed in 25 kg 3 ply paper sacks on wooden pallets of 1,000 kg net, 1,020 kg gross, shrink wrapped for transportation.

Testing Methods

Particle size by Coulter Laser System : Specific Surface Area by Cecil Spectrophotometer

The processes used by Minchem HMP Ltd is of sufficient flexibility to be
capable of manufacturing short or long runs of customer’s own specific requirements.

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