Refractory Products used in repairs to Glass, non-Ferrous, Steel and Foundry Refractory Processes

Zircon (Zirconium Silicate) Zr02.Si02 is a naturally occurring alluvial sand which can be refined for ceramic and refractory applications in ceramic glazes and in refractory products capable of +1800°C hot conditions.

Minchem HMP Ltd has a micronisation plant where zircon can be milled into a range of very fine powders to meet the exacting product specifications of ceramic glazes and refractory products.
Minchem HMP Ltd is both a supplier to the refractory manufacturers and also produces its own range of refractory products for sale to stockists and to end users.

Zircon has a good resistance to alkalis in flue gases and corrosion from molten glass.
Zircon refractories are equally at home combating a wide range of molten metals and slags in steel plants, ferrous and non-ferrous foundries and are particularly beneficial in contact with molten aluminium.  It had been used successfully for the hearths of aluminium furnaces to melt high purity or low alloy metals.  Its low wetting characteristics and high resistance makes it an ideal refractory for the ‘belly band’ above and below the metal line in secondary aluminium melting.  There is also some evidence to suggest that zircon can reduce the age-old problem of corundum build up.

A Zircon Paint coating is compatible with many types of alumina/silica refractories including castables and chemically bonded ramming mixes.

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