Zirconium (Zr) Chemicals

The Zirconium atom naturally displays a unique ionic structure, meaning that there is a range of zirconium chemicals that can be derived. The benefits of this are that specific zirconium chemicals can be selected to offer the most effective product for your preferred process, and then the zirconium chemical can be further modified to ensure the required amount of reactivity.

The process for obtaining the majority of zirconium chemicals typically occurs from the high-temperature caustic dissolution of zircon (a natural ore). From this solution state, various other reaction stages can be utilised to achieve the full range of zirconium chemicals.

Due to the high functionality of these products, and the ability to achieve very high purity levels, they are typically the precursor to making chemical-grade zirconium oxides, and high purity zirconium compounds.
Zirconium also exhibits excellent biocompatibility, which has meant that zirconium chemicals have seen a significant increase as precursors in the development of new healthcare products. As zirconium is environmentally friendly, this has also meant their increased use as replacements for existing chemical products that have been re-evaluated for their health impacts (for example in their replacement of lead (Pb) paint driers).

We supply zirconium chemical materials into:

  • Automotive / Industrial catalysts
    • 3-way catalysts (TWC)
    • Heterogeneous
    • Homogeneous
  • Healthcare
    • Antibacterial compounds
    • Antiperspirants
    • Dialysis
  • Leather tanning
    • Cross linking agent
    • White leather
  • Nuclear
    • Zirconium Metal
  • Paint driers (siccatives)
    • Lead (Pb) replacement
  • Titanium (TiO2) pigment coating
    • UV stabiliser
    • Surface hardener
  • Paper and Board

We supply the following zirconium chemical material types:

  • Ammonium Zirconium Carbonate (AZC)
  • Potassium Zirconium Carbonate (KZC)
  • Potassium Zirconium Hexafluoride (KFZ)
  • Zirconium Acetate (ZAC)
  • Zirconium Basic Carbonate (ZBC)
  • Zirconium Hydroxide (ZOH)
  • Zirconium (oxy) Nitrate (ZON)
  • Zirconium Oxychloride (ZOC)
  • Zirconium Phosphate (ZP)
  • Zirconium Propionate
  • Zirconium Sulphate
    • Zirconium Ortho Sulphate (ZOS)
    • Zirconium Basic Sulphate (ZBS)
  • Various other Zirconium compounds (organic and inorganic)

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